Who Are We - What Are We

Hey Babez!
My name is Anastasia, most people call me "Stas", some "Nastik"
 I have a huge passion for jewelry and casual fashion. I like to say Im Casual Chic.
Sneakers, jeans, and a cute tee with some layered jewelry has my name written all over it.
At 22 life hit me HARD I needed a gateway...A healthy one obvi. I finally decided it was time to get my shit together and pursue something I loved and had my name written all over it. So here we are...
Gold filled jewelry, tees & some bomb ass sweatshirts
Now, I get a lot of questions on why I decided to name my brand "Nastik" well babe, growing up thats what my fam and closest friends always called me. I thought it was different and unique.
I hope you babes like what ya see on the site. I truly try to curate a fun casual collection.